Wave energy vs other renewables

Wave energy vs other renewables

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Why thewave energyis it not as developed as that of the sun or the wind? Yet, the wave energy seems to have all the credentials to meet the needs of millions of families.

L'wave energyit is not very different from wind or photovoltaic energy, the principle is the same: exploiting a renewable resource for the production of electricity with different mechanisms of action. Thewavesthey are the movement of water near the surface of the sea and are formed as a result of the action of the wind.

It is estimated that, the total power generated by thewavesworldwide, is about 90 million gigawatts! With so much strength ... because thewave energyis that unpopular?


In the first place, it could be said that thewave energyit is not very widespread because the ocean, like the open sea, is an environment of difficult application. Installation costs soar offshore and build a wave motion systemit is an economically unsustainable enterprise. Salt water corrodes, moreover the waves can become very violent, it is not always possible to send a maintenance team and repairing any breakdowns would be too expensive.

Despite these problems, offshore wind is still more widespread thanwave power stations. Several pilot programs are currently underway to test theenergy from wavesoff the coasts of Portugal, Scotland and Australia but, to allow for the spread ofwave power stationsit is necessary to demonstrate that the prototypes already developed and functioning are really efficient, long-lasting and able to function in all conditions found in the open sea. For this reason it is necessary to wait and have the detailed analyzes of the pilot programs currently in place. With these checks done, a right formula will be needed for larger scale production and distribution.


For now, it makes no sense to build plants capable of producingenergy from wavesif with the same money it could be possible to build a photovoltaic or wind power plant of assured success.

It is possible to imagine a future in which wave energy will be economically competitive and widespread on a large scale but for now the battle is all uphill.

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