Price of photovoltaics: how much does a system cost

Price of photovoltaics: how much does a system cost

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Price of photovoltaicshow much does it cost to install a solar systemfor the production of electricity for domestic use.

How much does a photovoltaic system cost? It all depends on the efficiency of the panels and the size of thephotovoltaic systemthat you intend to install. A good impact on theprice of the system is given by the installation: the more difficult it will be to install (for example, high and particularly steep roofs), the more installation costs will increase. Theprice of photovoltaicsit is gradually becoming more accessible and is made up of different parts.

If you are wondering about theprice of photovoltaicsto get an idea of ​​how much a plant for home use, know that the wisest move to make is to call as many companies as possible and request a personalized quote. It is better to ask for more quotes in order to have a complete overview of how to proceed with the investment. There are many companies that offer free inspections and estimates. Why is it important to ask for quotes? Why theprice of photovoltaicsit is made up of many parts and each company has its own rate cards. Thecost of a photovoltaic systemis composed by:

  • Purchase cost ofphotovoltaic modules
  • Cost of purchasing materials for installation
  • Cost of installation
  • Type of guarantee offered by the manufacturer
  • Type of guarantee offered by the installer
  • Maintenance plan included in the initial cost
  • Accessory components such as inverters and accumulators

It is clear that installing a system withPhotovoltaic cellsof the latest generation requires greater economic effort. Just as it is clear that installing a photovoltaic system on a pitched roof has different costs compared to those who intend to install a system on a flat roof. Furthermore, if you want a solar tracker, purchasing, installation and maintenance costs will increase! To get an idea, let's see some concrete examples so as to estimate godscosts of photovoltaics per kw installed.

Price of photovoltaics, some examples

Until a few years ago, theprice of photovoltaicsfor a 3 kW plant, it could range between a minimum of 3,500 and 9,000 euros. Today, theupdated pricesreport a more accessible reality.

Aphotovoltaic systemwithinverter, with a capacity of 3 kW, it can be purchased for as little as 2,500 euros, when installation takes place in optimal conditions.

Speaking only of thecost of a photovoltaic kitcomposed ofphotolvatic modules isinverter, it is easier to give references. Based on the market averages, the cost of a photovoltaic kit with a power of 3.12 kWp, with inverter, can be bought with prices between 1,800 and 2,200 euros (without installation).

Who points to onepowermajor, you're wondering how much does a 5 kWp photovoltaic system, you should know that there is no shortage of photovoltaic module kits and inverters on the market (power of 5.20 kWp), which can be bought for around 3,500 euros. A middle ground lies in the 4.15 kWp plant, equipped with an inverter, which can be purchased at a price of 2,800 euros. A kit forinstallation of a photovoltaic system 6.24 kWp (always equipped with an inverter) can be purchased for an estimated cost of around 4,000 euros.

The prices shown here refer tophotovoltaicwith polycrystalline cells and inverter with maximum power proportional to the power of the chosen system (therefore 6280W in the case of a 6.24 kWp system, 5750W in the case of a 5.2 kWp system ...).

As stated, the cost of installation and any additional accessories such as an accumulator for those who do not want to join the on-site exchange must be added to the purchase cost of the raw material (modules, inverters and components supplied with the kits).

After evaluating everything that makes the price of photovoltaics, the benefits obtained with the implant will also need to be weighed: when analyzing theprice of photovoltaicsyou have to consider the incentives available (which currently consist of tax deductions), on-site exchange and savings in bills related to the self-production of electricity.

Incentives and tax deductions

As stated, with thepurchase and installation cost of the photovoltaic systemit will be necessary to consider the advantages related to the self-production of electricity and the incentives in force. For 2018 and probably also for 2019, tax deductions will remain in effect. Tax deductions for expenses incurred for building renovation work allow you to recover 50% of the costs incurred for the construction of the photovoltaic system.

Generally, it is the installers who carry out the procedure to access tax concessions and deductions, as well as the procedure and preparation for connecting theprivate photovoltaic system to the city electricity grid for on-site exchange.

The price of photovoltaics increases significantly if there is also an accumulator in the kit. For example, a 3 kWp kit (given by 12 photovoltaic modules of 250) with 4.000W inverter (with 80A MPPT charge controller and UPS function) and an accumulator consisting of 4 lead batteries with long life guarantee (total capacity 9600wh, 4.8 kwh useful), can be bought at a price of 5,000 - 5,500 euros, always without considering installation costs.