Smart systems for garden irrigation

Smart systems for garden irrigation

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As we enter the era ofinternet of things, the market begins to offer us a series of devices destined to become the standard of the future. These are devices that will make our home resource management more efficient andgreen.

Among the latest industry news "internet of things"We point out an intelligent system capable of helping us rationalize water consumption: the Rachio Iro system, which uses a solar-powered sensor, acts as a controller to monitor and manage the irrigation of the garden and the garden.

The Rachio Iro sprinkler controller does much more than the classics timer to irrigate the garden. The Rachio Iro sprinkler controller allows intelligent programming that takes into account the local weather, the water needs of the garden and the current season, it also connects via WiFi to a support application capable of controlling precise parameters such as the type of soil, shady areas, areas exposed to full sun, local water restrictions ...

It is the controller that decides when and how much water to spray in the garden. Which gardener conducts such a thorough analysis for garden irrigation?

Another not negligible advantage of the Rachio Iro system lies in its ease of use. Who among you has ever used atimer for irrigationthe garden knows what I'm talking about! The installation of the device always be quite simple to implement (especially if it replaces an existing controller), what is really within everyone's reach and the management system which, connected to WiFi, materializes with an extremely user-friendly interface on the your smartphone or tablet.

This system is a classic example of integration betweenhome automationisinternet of things. Who is tired of the classicstimer to irrigate the garden or the lawn, can evaluate the purchase of a device of this kind. The price of the Smart Sprinkler Iro controller is $ 249 and allows the management of 8 different zones. If you have a larger garden, by adding $ 50 you can get controllers to manage up to 16 areas in order to optimize irrigation by creating more precise water parameters.

Advantages of home automation andInternet of Things
L'internet of things increases the management potential and optimization of the use of resources typical of home automation. The advantages of home automation and the so-called "internet of things" are many and for descriptive purposes we can bring them together in three points:

  • Comfort
    Increased level of comfort making living spaces, offices and work environments more welcoming. The management of any device is made easier, making it more convenient for the inhabitants to use and increasing accessibility for disabled users.
  • Safety
    Safety levels increase, ensuring the user's safety in the face of emergency situations. In the industrial sector, safety translates into more precise checks on the critical points of the production chain, in the home and business it translates into anti-intrusion techniques, fire detection, gas leaks, interactive video surveillance services ...
  • Energy efficiency
    The technologies are characterized by energy saving techniques so as to allow a more accurate and efficient management of resources. Energy consumption becomes more rational as well as water uses.

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