How to dry rosemary

How to dry rosemary

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How to dry rosemary: all drying techniques. Natural, in the oven or in the dryer. Tips for effective drying and how to use dried rosemary to prepare ready-to-use aromatic salts.

The rosemary, a plant belonging to the Labiaceae family, is among the herbs most used in the kitchen and its herbal tea is rich in healthy virtues. Infusion of rosemary, in fact, represents an ancient natural remedy for obtaining various benefits, for all the information on the preparation of rosemary tea, I refer you to the page: Rosemary infusion.

Grow rosemary in pots or in the garden

Rosemary can adapt to growing in pots but grows best in the garden. You can grow rosemary on the edge of the garden or vegetable garden: it has a bushy habit and does not require too much attention. For all the information on the cultivation of rosemary, I refer you to the guide: how to grow rosemary.

Having a plant in a pot or in the garden allows you to comfortably harvest the fresh rosemary to use it whenever the need arises.

Probably, if you are wonderinghow to dry rosemaryit is because you already have this fragrant plant available and you want to provide it with drying.

Unlike many herbs, the rosemary does not lose its properties duringdrying and it is for this reason that it lends itself well to being preserved. The only recommendation is to use airtight glass jars to store the rosemaryafterdrying.

In this way, the dried needles will keep their pleasant aroma for a long time. In this regard we will illustrate you how to dry rosemary following our directions step by step.

Rosemary, harvesting and multiplication by cuttings

At the time of purchase, the rosemary is already cut and protected by a cellophane bag. If you need to collect it yourself, here are some indications:

  • Use scissors or a sharp knife. Alternatively, detach the sprig with your fingers by practicing a firm tap, so as not to fray and damage the plant.
  • Collect it in the late morning or afternoon, as it is good that the sun's rays dry any trace of dew.

At harvest time, don't worry about the health of the plant: the detached twig will soon be replaced by new and lush buds!

If you pick a young and tender branch, know that you could get a new seedling. Rosemary is easy to multiply and propagation by cuttings works very well, even in water, without using particular substrates for rooting. For all the information I invite you to read the page: rosemary, cutting in water.

How to dry rosemary: natural drying

  1. Insert no more than ten twigs for each bouquet, they will dry out more adequately
  2. Tie each of them to their base with a thin string or using thread, or stop them using a small elastic
  3. Hang all the small bunches just made upside down in a dry and adequately ventilated place: it is fine both outdoors and in a closed environment, the important thing that there is sufficient ventilation, bearing in mind that the aroma will be preserved indoors practically intact

How to dry rosemary, useful information

  • To arrange the bouquets in an orderly manner, you can align them on a wooden rod to hang at its ends.
  • If you think it is more appropriate to keep them away from dust or insects, just insert the bunches in the paper bags of the bread, but you will have to drill a few holes on each side to allow the air to pass, they will dry very well.

How to dry rosemary in the dryer

The dryer is a very useful tool for drying aromatic herbs, citrus peel, mushrooms, chillies, tomatoes, courgettes and many other vegetables.

If you like it dry and to store spices, herbs and vegetables, it is worth buying a new appliance to use when needed. If you carry out the process once a year, only for the rosemary, I do not recommend buying ... it is still an appliance that takes up space unnecessarily when not in use!

A good dryer can be bought for a few tens of euros. The Severi OD 2940 model can be bought on Amazon at the promotional price of 49.99 euros with free shipping costs. It is composed of 5 separate fillings where you can arrange the herbs (or fruit, vegetables) to be dried. For all information, I invite you to visit the Amazon page: Severin OD 2940. I have reported this product because I was able to try it firsthand and confirm the positive reviews left by other users.

How to dry rosemary in the oven

I do not recommend this procedure because a second of distraction is enough to pulverize the rosemaryand end up with a product that is no longer dried but burned or "cooked".

In the oven you risk compromising the properties of the rosemary deactivating the precious active ingredients and making it unusable.

Those who want to try, will have to place the sprigs of rosemary (dry) on baking paper and heat the oven to the minimum, with a temperature never higher than 50 ° C. During the'drying the rosemary in the oven keep the door half open.

Dried rosemary for flavored salt and oil

Dried rosemary can also be used for the preparation of homemade "food flavorings". It can be added to the homemade nut or to the various preparations described in the pages that I mark below:

  • Salt with aromatic herbs
  • Homemade flavored oil
  • How to dry chillies.

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