Eat healthy, with a guide to labels

Eat healthy, with a guide to labels

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Eat healthy it is one of those desired certainties that are increasingly shared but increasingly difficult to obtain. Here is a great guide to learn a read the label and thus have an extra tool for eat healthy really. Because personally verified, by us, word by word, label in hand. If so far half of the ingredients mentioned were cryptic acronyms for us, formulas that could have been as poisonous as they are explosive, with "Eat healthy, read the label!”In hand this feeling of enigma to be revealed disappears: it's time to eat healthy.

Page after page, this book reveals all the contents of the foods that we and our families find on our plate, like it or not, every day. Yes, it is a disclosure, because it explains what so many acronyms really are and above all it indicates among these which hide enemies of healthy eating and which are not. The food additives for who wants eat healthy they are a real jungle in which it is necessary to learn to orient yourself. Eat healthy it means knowing how to identify at a glance what to avoid and what is harmless, recognizing "the tigers" of the jungle, in order not to reach extremism and exclusion of foods from the diet, sometimes useless, if not harmful, but not too widening the mesh and pay no attention to the additives used.

With this clear and straightforward guide to eat healthy a degree in chemistry or the like is not necessarily taken: everyone can learn or, guide in hand, consult the volume even taking it to the supermarket shelves. The important thing is to shop in a conscious and careful way, choose a lifestyle and a way of life eat healthy and balanced. "If you know it, you avoid it": that's right! And with "eat healthy, read the label! " it works exactly like that.

Released in January 2014, it is one of the most updated guides of the moment. Do not miss an additive and unmask the urban legends about even the most recent foods!

You can buy "Eat healthy, read the label! Practical guide to know and recognize flavors, dyes, preservatives in everyday food”By Bill Statham, translation by S. Crimi, published by Terre di mezzo Editore, on Amazon for only 8.5 Euros.

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