Rose cutting, from branch or leaf

Rose cutting, from branch or leaf

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Rose cutting, it can be done from leaves or twig. Thereroseit is one of the plants that is best suited for reproduction by cutting.

Sprig rose cutting

Rose cutting, the period
The best time for thepropagation of rosesforcuttingruns from late August to early September.

Rose cutting, the cutting
From the healthiest plant, take a semi-woody and vigorous branch. The sprig must be at least 10-15 cm long.

Rose cutting, cutting
Inrose cuttingit will be necessary to pay particular attention to the cut, it is thecuttingof a semi-wood so the cut must be made just below the node: if the bib node is kept at the base it will certainly fail because the main element is missing for a future radiation. If we remove a branch that is long enough and contains several nodes, it will be possible to obtain severalcuttings.

To pick up the branch to be used, use a pair of well-made shears: the cut must be clean and precise. Eliminate all the leaves except for those of the apical part which will be cut in half to reduce transpiration with consequent loss of liquids.

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Rose cutting, rooting powder
To increase the chances of taking root, it is possible to sprinkle the base of the sprig taken with rooting powder, a hormone that accelerates root development. You will only need a small amount.

Rose cutting, The vase
The container must be deep enough to cover 2/3 of the length of the branch: the branch must be buried for 2/3. As soon as you place the twig (which represents yourscutting) in the soil, irrigate abundantly and place the pot in a place sheltered from direct sunlight. To transplant yourscuttingit will be necessary to wait 12-24 months, so choose the vase carefully.

Leaf cutting of rose

Rose cutting from leaves, the period
Thererose cutting, as well as from a sprig, it can also be obtained from the leaves. Unlike thecuttingsemi-woody which is carried out at the end of summer, for thecuttingfrom leaves the month of July is preferred. How to proceed?

Remove a perfectly intact and healthy leaves, equipped with a peduncle. Make small and neat cross incisions along the ribs, for this operation use a cardboard cutter.

Have a pot that is large enough to spread the leaf over it, preferably low. Place the leaves on top of the soil and cover it with a very thin layer of soft soil. When strong enough shoots develop, the first transplant must be performed.

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