CNR tackles the hot topics of Expo 2015

CNR tackles the hot topics of Expo 2015

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Even theCNRrolls up his sleeves preparing to face thehot topicsthat will characterize theMilan Expo 2015, in particular, with theCNR, we will talk about land consumption, desertification, environmental cost of food and migration of agricultural species.

Thanks toCNR the Italian Pavilion will be able to count on an authenticscientific pole, many initiatives proposed byNational Research Councilright inside Palazzo Italia:

  • Food Print - The environmental cost of food
    The environmental cost of food aims to identify and qualify the impact of production systems. In this context, the CNR will focus on the impact of livestock also thanks to theLife cycle assesment. You can learn more about the topic with our article "Intensive farming and environmental damage “.
  • Life cycle assessment, i.e. the environmental cost of the product from its birth to disposal. Case studies will be presented on the sustainability of intensive and extensive farms and on the production of organic foods, all this also in relation to human health.
  • Land consumption - Tools for a dialogue
    The theme of "land consumption" will go tocollidewith the legislation in force in Italy. The event will compare the different needs: those of public administrations and those of the environment. We will talk about intelligent management tools and monitoring systems.
  • Drought, land degradation and desertification in Italy and in the world
    About 21% of the Italian territory is potentially affected by desertification and environmental degradation. The current economic crisis may amplify the negative effects and, as often happens, the areas most at risk are those oftwelve o'clock. The CNR will try to understand how to deal with these problems that put the health of the country and the entire planet at risk.
  • Hunger for water and its sustainable use for crop systems
    In Italy, over 60% of water consumption is related to agriculture and a good part of this percentage is covered by waste. Poor water management must end and the purpose of this CNR event is precisely to raise awareness among the sector players. CNR will present innovative tools for the intelligent management of water at the territorial level.
  • Precision agriculture and sustainable use of resources
    Precision agriculture fully embraces all issues related to the intelligent management of resources in the agricultural field. Remote monitoring and management technologies, intelligent fertilization, pest control and defense ...

  • Migration of humans and plants: together or inseparable?
    In an era characterized by climate change and desertification, care must be taken to maintain the natural balance of a certainhabitat. With "migrations" the most fragile species could disappear completely. We talk about biodiversity by focusing the magnifying glass on the risks associated with plant migration. To fully understand this theme, reminds you of the case of Red awl (in the photo above), arrived in Italy by importing Coconut plants from Asia; the red weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) has come to destroy hundreds of ornamental palms in our country due to the lack of natural predators.

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