Wind turbines for roof made in Italy

Wind turbines for roof made in Italy

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A young and all-Italian company intends to install mini wind power plants for domestic use with power ranging from 0.5 to 10 KW; in particular, the company in question places at the forefrontroof wind turbinesvertical axis, precisely the turbinesTwind.

To found the company, theGP Renewable, it is Antonio Parrotto who, with his 20 years of age, has focused everything on innovation and the power of renewables. His bet, in the first 9 months of 2014, has already seen 700 thousand euros in turnover linked to the production ofwind turbinesand the year will close with a profit of 300,000 euros.

GP Renewable is a company from Lecce, in fact Parrotto was a guest at theFiera del Levanteat the invitation of the Puglia Region, to tell its story and show the products that are coming out of the supply chain of its GP Renewable, based in Casarano, Lecce.

GP Renewable has 15 employees and thanks to a partnership with the Brescia-based companyWind Energy Srl, it will soon arrive overseas and start selling in Brazil as well. In reality, Antonio Parrotto owes a lot toWind Energy Srl, it was a chance encounter that made the development ofroof wind turbines:Parrotto's idea was to develop a wind power plant for domestic use small in size and accessible to many.

The idea was realized thanks to the intervention of the owner of Wind Energy who granted Parrotto a team of engineers and capital. It took 700,000 euros just to purchase the laser technology at the base of thedomestic wind turbines.

Roof wind turbines
To find out how the wind turbine to be installed on the roof of the house works and how it is made, we refer you to the articleDomestic wind, how it works;here we only tell you that it is a vertical axis turbine and consists of the classic steel support, a turbine (the blades and mechanical transmission parts) and electronic equipment (generator and inverter). The three-sails material and design are Made in Italy: a central mast and its bearings, up to five meters high.

Domestic wind, is it worth it?
The project ofParrottoit's very nice, but is it better to install a wind turbine on the roof of the house? And above all, how long does it take to pay off the purchase and installation costs? The bad news is that few Italians can count on a skillsuckersuch as to make this investment convenient, mostly it is the inhabitants of coastal areas, those who live in the mountains or in particular windy areas of the hinterland.

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