How to reduce energy consumption

How to reduce energy consumption

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How to reduce energy consumption: ideas, tips and tricks to save on your electricity bill and consume less energy.

For reduce energy consumptionwe must be willing to change some of our daily habits. I'm sure you ignore the devices left instandby just as you don't care about the thermal insulation of your windows.

Save energyabove all, it means keeping all appliances in good working order, carrying out the necessary maintenance work on the electrical network and keeping the building envelope in good health.

Beware of paradoxes!
It's possible reduce energy consumption making the most of natural light and avoiding leaving the devices on standby but if you still use an older generation water heater, they will be almost useless! See you firsthow to reduce energy consumptionwith simple actions to perform, we make a list of what they arecritical pointsof energy consumption in the four walls of the home.

The sources of greatest energy consumption

It is now certain that the appliances that provide for heating and the production of domestic hot water have the greatest impact on your bill. For reduce energy consumption in this context, on the one hand, it is necessary to focus on the efficiency of the device used and, on the other, to improve the state of insulation of your building.

  • - Try to understand how to insulate your home without having to spend a fortune on renovations. Eventually, keep in mind that there is arenovation bonuswhich provides for a tax relief from 50% up to 65% for interventions that aim to improve the efficiency of a town.
  • - The fixtures represent the weak link in the insulation. They are real holes in the building envelope and let in the heat in summer and cold in winter. Check that there are no drafts.
  • - Try replacing your old water heater with a solar boiler or hypothesize the possibility of installing a hybrid boiler or a solar thermal system for the production of domestic hot water. Also in this context there is no lack of deductions and incentives. To find out more, check out our page dedicated toThermal account.

Measure electricity consumption in order to reudrre them

Do you know how much the appliances you have at home consume? Identify those that consume the most and then carry out ad hoc interventions that are more rational use or maintenance or replacement. To know the actual consumption of a device you can use current meters, easy to use and inexpensive.

On Amazon, an efficient Power Consumption Meter is offered at a price of € 15.13 with free shipping. With such a device it is possible measure electricity consumption of a single household appliance or multiple devices connected to the Meter with a multi-socket.

The use is simple: just hook the appliance to this appliance and then fix it to the classic household electrical socket: on the device display will be identified electrical consumption in watts and an approximate conversion to economic consumption with the actual price of the electricity required by that appliance. device.

How to reduce energy consumption, practical indications

  • - Time slots
    Forsaveonelectricity bill, make sure you use the most energy-intensive appliances (iron, hair straightener, hairdryer, dishwasher…), during the cheaper time slots. Generally, electricity is more expensive from 8 to 19. The range from 19 to 23 is intermediate while electricity costs less from 11 to 7 the next morning.
  • - The lighting
    Always turn off the lights when you leave a room and prefer natural lighting. Avoid curtains if it's sunny outside and it's winter! The light curtains can partially shield the heat on summer days and still allow the entry of sunlight.
  • - Solar screens
    Creating shaded areas or installing intelligent screening systems can help you a lot for bothreduce consumptionof air conditioners in summer, and to reduce the consumption of heating in winter. Also in this case there are tax breaks. All information can be found on the page dedicated tosolar shields.
  • - LED bulbs
    Replace the old light bulbs with energy-saving ones: this leads to savings of up to 70% on electricity consumption when choosing the most efficient onesled bulbs for the home.
  • - Multi-socket slippers
    Turn off televisions and computers when not in use, the lit LEDs involve considerable waste with an economic weight of about 80 euros per year. To quickly manage multiple appliances, get organized with multi-socket power strips with ON / OFF switch.
  • - Energy label
    If you need to replace any appliance, learn to read the energy label and choose one of Class A ++ or A +++, much more economical. The greater initial investment will be amortized in a short time with onereduction of electricity consumption.
  • - Maintenance
    Carry out the maintenance indicated in the user manual of each appliance. For example, with the refrigerator, make sure that the gaskets are always in good condition so as to ensure perfect closure without unnecessary overloading. The maintenance of the air conditioning systems indicated in the article is very importanthow to save on air conditioner.
  • - The intelligent use of the freezer
    If you have to freeze food, prepare small portions to ensure shorter freezing times with lower electricity consumption.
  • - Help your fridge
    You can help the efficiency of the refrigerator by deciding to defrost the food inside!
  • - Full load washes
    If you have to operate the washing machine or dishwasher, make sure they are fully loaded. When replacing your dishwasher or making your first purchase, let our guide advise youhow to choose the dishwasher. During washing, use hot water only if necessary.

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