Photovoltaic storage systems

Photovoltaic storage systems

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THE photovoltaic storage systems they are the real novelty of the changes taking place in the electricity system. The storage of energy produced with the sun, that is, the ability to accumulate electricity and use it at times other than that of production (for example at night), can achieve the goal of total self-consumption for owners of domestic photovoltaic systems. This alternative is preferable to on-site exchange, penalized by exchange rates.

Certainly i photovoltaic storage systems they will favor the growth of domestic photovoltaics, which have already grown exponentially since 2008, especially in the range of small-sized PV systems (<20 kW). The ability to install photovoltaic storage systems in fact, it contributes to making domestic photovoltaics affordable even with the end of the incentive rates on the energy produced.

How convenient are they? For the end user, it is estimated that the installation of a photovoltaic storage system can lead to an improvement in the annual budget of between 150 euros (in the case of an incentivized system) and 170 euros (if the system is not incentivized). The benefit for the user depends on an increase in self-consumption which leads to a reduction in the bill more than proportional to the reduction in the revenue obtainable from the sale of energy.

THE photovoltaic storage systems in practice, they enable a new model of end-user interaction with the grid, characterized by less photovoltaic energy introduced and greater independence from the grid itself.

System benefits are also individual. THE photovoltaic storage systems in fact, they cause a reduction in the power required from the distribution network, leveling the peak of use in the face of both consumption and input into the network. An enhancement of the benefit is possible at the cost of building the network as a function of the power, which is currently estimated at approximately 400 euros / kW.

What is the obstacle? The massive diffusion of photovoltaic storage systems it is subject to a reduction in plant costs. For the next few years a reduction of the technological costs of the accumulation systems integrated with the inverters is expected by approximately 40-50% compared to the current values, obtainable thanks to the economies of scale in production.

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