How to do the gas self-reading

How to do the gas self-reading

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Know how to do the gas self-reading it means having a precious ally to avoid excessively high bills, especially in the winter months when fuel consumption becomes higher. Heating, in fact, as is known, ends up having a huge impact on how much you pay, but it should be remembered that not every year is the same as the previous one in terms of temperatures.

A particularly harsh winter, in other words, will mean the possibility of high adjustments for the following period, given that the advances were based on lower estimates. Here because do the gas self-reading, in order to communicate real consumption to your supplier, it allows you to plan your heating costs more safely.

For do the gas self-reading first of all you need to locate the meter, and then know how to read it. We remind you that the indicated consumption is in cubic meters. The gas meter is equipped with a window divided into two parts, with a black background and a red background; whereas the figure with the red background relates to decimals and is not particularly important in terms of expenditure, however do the gas self-reading just record the number with the black background.

Once in possession of your actual consumption, with many suppliers it is possible to provide self-reading within a few minutes.

For example, offers like e-light Gas of Enel Energia o Acea Rapida Gas of Acea Energia allow communication to be made in complete comfort, either by telephone or fax, or by sending a text message, by accessing the dedicated area of ​​the various sites or finally (in the case of Enel Energia) by downloading the specific application for smartphones and tablet and typing the number in the relevant section. Be careful though, usually for do the gas self-reading you have a useful period, which is indicated in the bill; if you want to communicate your actual consumption it is therefore necessary to strictly follow the deadlines indicated.

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