Burnt pot: what to do?

Burnt pot: what to do?

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Clean one burnt pot it's always a big hassle. And sometimes it's not even possible. You can try, however, without bothering to rub because most of the time it is not needed. Not immediately at least.

To clean a pot that has burned out after being forgotten about the fire, chemistry is used. Clean chemistry. The ally is the same as always, sodium bicarbonate, an ally of ecological cleaning throughout the house.

The cleaning of the burnt pot it consists in sprinkling the black with a couple of handfuls of baking soda and moistening it slightly. At this point, let it act overnight and the next day intervene with the oil. Elbow grease. Because now you need to rub.

Another method to clean from black one burnt pot is to put it on the fire with water in which you have dissolved a handful of soda. Let the water come to a boil, then turn off and let the solution work for a few hours. Always rinse well before using the pot again.

Another problem that pots can have are the green spots that sometimes form on the bottom. Similar to mold, the remedy for these stains can be found in another infallible ally of eco-cleaning: lemon. Squeeze a little directly into the pot and leave it to act, then rinse.

Are the pans made of aluminum? Then they will shine if you heat a little water with coarse salt in them. Remove from the heat, let it cool and scrub the inside of the pots well with a copper sponge. The latter is ideal for cleaning virtually all metal pans, except those with non-stick Teflon-type coating, and ceramic ones.

If the pots are to be degreased, the ideal is to let us heat a little white vinegar inside. After letting it cool, rinse the inner surface thoroughly and you will see that the fat has disappeared without leaving streaks and bad odors.

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