Toy poodle: characteristics and how to breed it

Toy poodle: characteristics and how to breed it

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Toy poodle is synonymous with company, intelligence and elegance. Toy poodle it is a symbol of nobility of mind and joy. To say toy poodle it is to think of a well-proportioned and good-looking dog, elegant and at the same time playful looking. The Toy poodle it is perfect for seniors and children, but also for elegant ladies who, if well combed, perhaps with a bow that makes a pandan with the bag, can take it around for shopping or to coffee with friends.

It has a sociable character, in fact, the toy poodle, and he is sweet and likeable: it is difficult for him not to like him if brought into society. To think that, precisely because of these characteristics, even in the past it was highly appreciated by the European, French and German courts, even claiming its provenance by showing off documents on the subject. They fight, but he's peaceful, he only gets nervous if he's left too alone. It is in fact a great lover of company, he also recognizes the dominant element of the family well, and it is good that he does so immediately. Otherwise, he is a bit capricious, and once he grows up, he is not easy to convince.

A nice temper, then, but also some nice ones features, this white poodle which looks like a nice small quadruped, very active and dynamic. Often on the move, he knows how to be with extreme elegance and harmony. It will also be thanks to its proportional physical characteristics: face and head are always proportionate with respect to the rest of the body for a total of up to 7 kilos. If you want you can also have one of 30 cm, but it is plush, and not as sociable and nice as the one in fur and bone.

To look him in the eyes, which spark "want to be with you", from sociable and sweet that he is, the toy poodle it clearly has almond-shaped, black or brown. To make it a bit "cartoonish" there are the hanging ears that fall on the cheeks. Between more hidden features, of the toy poodle, the muscles of the legs, excellent, just like the bones. Between more visible features, and peculiar, there is the tail: attached at the top, which then hangs obliquely if it has not been cut. Which sometimes happens. Speaking of pendant, there are also some that represent it, and the elegance of the toy poodle is transformed into a pendant.

Characteristic of the characteristics of this dog, however, is the hair is abundant and curly, soft to the touch. It is inevitable in this dog, unless you have it in a "table" version: in this case it is more peppery and less soft, but it is always elegant, and for company, for tasty dinners. Between friends, but also in the family, because the toy poodle loves very much to fit into an everyday context in which to find company. Grandparents, children, "mum and dad": he likes to find himself in a nucleus of united people, and joins in turn remaining faithful and present. So much is his domestic and "hearth" nature, that he has always been among the favorites of the great aristocratic families of the past who certainly did not open the door the first "homeless". But they did not yet have this dedicated "salt and pepper".

To breed the miniature poodle large spaces are not necessary, it also fits well in an apartment, even if a stroll in the park is always welcome. An excellent opportunity, for him for socialize with other dogs and take a breath of fresh air. The same will be able to do the masters to the great benefit of all. Any age, race and disposition they have. Sure works best if you wear a suitable t-shirt.

Raising a miniature poodle it also means taking the time to ensure that our friend is scrupulous and continuous toilet. A little out of vanity, yes, but it is also a matter of keeping the hair beautiful and above all healthy. From an early age, i miniature poodles they must be carefully brushed at least once a day and clipped approximately every six weeks. It can also be done at home, trying not to make them become "punk" because, even if docile, they may not like it.

A nice feature of miniature poodles concerning the hair is that they are not subject to periodic moulting, so you can show it off soft and neat, without worrying about chasing tufts of hair throughout the house at each change of season. Unsuspected, but true. Obsessively hygienic friends have one in the house and are extremely satisfied with it. "He is a hygienic dog" they told me. Moreover, it seems that he loves taking long baths in the water, especially in summer. What more could you ask for?

When deciding to breed a toy poodle must not never make him feel alone nor in the cold. These are two things he hates and he could get very annoyed, showing his nervous side. And who doesn't have at least one? His, remains soft, but let's not provoke it!

Better to keep the toy poodle, even if he doesn't get sick easily, and watch his ears, his weak point. In general, among the characteristics of the toy poodle there is longevity: it generally lives from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 20 years. It is important, however, to take great care of its diet, as well as its hair and its enthralling sympathy. Few whims and transgressions from the human table, therefore: better listen to a good veterinarian and dedicate to your own toy poodle a few minutes to prepare the baby food. It will be precious time, to be measured with precision and love, and elegance.
Mistresses, there is no minute wasted if dedicated to yours toy poodle. Padroncini also applies to you!

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