How to cure psoriasis naturally

How to cure psoriasis naturally

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How to cure psoriasis:advice and natural remedies on how to treat psoriasis. Useful information on nutrition to alleviate and combat the psoriasis of the scalp and skin. From sulfur to loanable spa treatments.

Therepsoriasismanifests itself with typical whitish encrustations affecting, in particular, elbows, knees, back, buttocks andscalp.

Psoriasis, causes

They are not fully knowncauses of psoriasis, what is known is that it consists of an acceleration in cell turnover: the cells, not having time to be removed, accumulate forming typical clear scales.

Returning tocauses, science has highlighted an alteration of the immune system, especially in the system that regulates the production of autoantibodies, directed against parts of the body. Viral infections such as viruses that cause chickenpox or shingles and bacterial infections such as staphylococcus and streptococcus probably also play an important role.

Betweencauses of psoriasis, other factors such as familiarity and a diet excessively rich in meat and cheese should not be underestimatedpsoriasisit can be related to a diet low in fresh fruits and vegetables, emotional stress and being overweight.

For further information on the causes of psoriasis and to consult some remedies proposed by herbal medicine, we refer you to the articlePsoriasis, causes and remedies.

Is psoriasis contagious?

No. Thepsoriasisit is not contagious.

How to cure psoriasis naturally

There psoriasisspontaneously undergoes periods of improvement that usually coincide with the summer season (the improvement is favored by the stay at the sea), while the worsening phases with a chronic trend generally occur with the arrival of autumn.

Therepsoriasis, which mainly affects the scalp, elbows, knees, back and buttocks, can sometimes also affect the hands, feet and femur, manifesting itself with anpsoriatic arthrosis. Fingernails may also be among the affected parts of the body.

Psoriasis, nutrition

Forcure psoriasis naturally, the first thing to do is to correct the diet. For fight psoriasisthe diet must be based on fresh plant foods such as seasonal fruit and vegetables, even better if at zero km (purchased from the local farmer).

Psoriasis, foods yes

The diet of suffererspsoriasisit must be rich in fiber (whole grains and legumes) and oily seeds such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts must not be missing ... Among the foods to be preferred there is fish, especially the blue one (sardines, mackerel, herring ...) which is rich of omega-3 fatty acids.

The foods just mentioned contain substances that have shown their usefulness in prevention and in psoriasis treatment.

Psoriasis, foods no

Who suffers from psoriasisshould avoid the consumption of dairy products and red meat and limit the intake of sugars and alcohol (foods that promote inflammation). Studies have found correlations betweenpsoriasisand gluten: gluten, a protein contained in wheat and which allows bread to rise, triggers the production of antibodies against gliadin (a component of gluten). In the blood of subjects withpsoriasisthe antibodies against gliadin were isolated, a sign that there is no good compatibility between gluten and the physiological mechanisms behind thepsoriasis.

In the image above, thehistopathology of psoriasis and how it manifests itself in the skin. You may notice a layer of inflammation (edema and inflammation of the dermis) resulting in an increase in the number of cellsLangerhans. Dilated capillaries and isymptomswhich appear visible even to the naked eye: the erythema and the scaly surface caused by the persistence of the nuclei in the superficial horny layer.

Psoriasis and spa treatments

The thermal waters, especially the sulphurous waters and the bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium ones, are effective for those with slight problems ofpsoriasis plus, they appear to soothe symptoms in acute situations. For those suffering frompsoriasis(excluding the formerythrodermaland pustular) the national health system recognizes the mutability of thermal treatments. In particular, those suffering frompsoriasisyou can access balneotherapy (therapeutic baths based on sulphurous waters or bicarbonate-calcium magnesium waters) by paying only the health ticket or by accessing the spa treatments if you are exempt from paying the ticket.

Psoriasis, treatment with sulfur

Betweennatural remediesmore effective, sulfur was found to be effective both when thepsoriasisaffects the skin both when thepsoriasis affects the scalp.

Who suffers fromscalp psoriasisor mild skin psoriasis, can use sulfur as an effective natural remedy. There are many sulfur-based products on the market, both in the form of body soap and shampoo.

When buying, pay close attention to concentration. Some sulfur detergents and soaps contain less than 1% of this element, which makes the product useful for disinfecting the skin but ineffective in case ofpsoriasis.

Where to buy them? In addition to the pharmacy, you can take a look on Amazon or in the best-stocked stores. THE sulfur soaps more common are those produced by Mantovani, Provenzali or Saugella which also produces a liquid shampoo with a low concentration of sulfur.

Among the various sulfur-based soaps for treat psoriasis I would like to point out a very concentrated one. What makes the difference is the amount of sulfur contained in the soap. The mantovani line contains low percentages of sulfur so it is not suitable forrelieve psoriasisbut it can be useful for those with combination skin and who want to regulate sebum production. The soap that I mention is of an "anonymous brand" but has a high concentration of sulfur, useful for treat psoriasis of the skin and scalp. On Amazon it can be bought with € 8.99. You can find all the information at "This Amazon page".

Treat psoriasis, natural remedies

Avocado oil seems to be a good natural remedy to combat psoriasis. Other natural remedies to treat this disease are contained in the articlePsoriasis, natural remedies.

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