Rosemary, the cutting in water

Rosemary, the cutting in water

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Rosemary cutting: the ideal period and instructions on how and when to proceed to multiply rosemary starting from a simple sprig thanks to thecutting in water.

Therosemaryyou can multiply bycuttingvery simply. Here is a guide that will explain how to get started grow rosemary starting with a simple one cuttingrooted in water.

Therosemaryit is an easy plant tocultivate, very hardy, undemanding and propagates very well forcutting. For make a cutting of rosemary we advise you to follow our instructions: rooting is guaranteed, or almost!

Rosemary, water cutting

When to proceed with the cutting of rosemary?
The best time is spring.

Here's how to make the rosemary cutting:

  1. In spring, take branches of at least one year from the mother plant.
  2. Cut the branch to obtain a length of 20-25 cm.
  3. Remove the lower leaves and put the lower edge of the branch in a glass jar full of water.
  4. Place the pot in an open and bright place but not directly in the sun.
  5. As the water level decreases, add new water without ever changing it.
  6. When the branches have roots, proceed with planting in the ground or in pots.

N.B .: the first tender roots should appear about two weeks but before planting, wait for thecuttingyou develop roots of a few centimeters. The planting, as stated, can be done in pots or in the ground, you just need to use common soil for garden plants.

How to grow rosemary
Starting fromcutting in water of rosemary, you can start a beautiful cultivation of this aromatic plant. Therosemaryit can be safely grown on the terrace or balcony.

In placing the rosemary, remember that this aromatic plant prefers a sunny exposure: the rosemary it loves the heat and develops better if we position it to the south. All the instructions on the cultivation of rosemary are contained in our guide articleHow to grow rosemary.

How to dry rosemary
Once yourscuttingwill have become an adult plant full of branches, it is possible to take some of them and proceed with drying. Dried rosemary retains its aroma for a long time only if it is vacuum-packed or in airtight jars. All the instructions are contained in our article-guide how to dry rosemary.

Rosemary in the kitchen
To discover all the beneficial properties of rosemary and its uses in the kitchen (polenta with rosemary, focaccia with rosemary, risotto with rosemary ...), we refer you to the in-depth article on properties of rosemary.

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