How to renew a wooden chair

How to renew a wooden chair

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How to renew a wooden chair: instructions for renew and renovate one old wooden chair to give it new life and maybe even make it more comfortable by creating an ad hoc padding.

Forrenovate a wooden chair you will need only a few materials and easy to find, the discussion becomes more elaborate if, together with the restoration work, you also intend to make a pillowcase with padding so as to make the old wooden chair more comfortable as well as more beautiful.

To understand like renovating an old chair, which decorations to use and which paints to apply, decide on the use you want to make of them: where will thechair once renewed? For the kitchen, pastel shades are perfect; for the living room you have to keep more on the classic; for the garden it will be necessary to carry out a preliminary treatment to waterproof the wood and in all cases it will be necessary to respect the furnishing style of the environment that will host the renewed chair.

Renew or restore?
If yours is a simple restoration, for onewooden chair, we invite you to respect the guide proposed in the articleHow to restore a wooden chair. On the contrary, if you are going torenew the old chairgiving this object a new face (renewed colors), follow the instructions below.

How to renew a chair

What do you need?

  • Silverline-type DIY set
  • Sandpaper of different grits
  • Old chair to be renovated
  • Ecological paint suitable for wood
  • Any vitrifying and / or waterproofing agent
  • Electrostatic cloth

After choosing the most suitable colors to paint your chair but even before starting to brush, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the chair.

1) Sand and sand
By cleaning we do not just mean the classic dust removal: arm yourself with thick sandpaper and remove any paint or lacquer already present on the chair. After removing "the bulk", switch to a fine-grit sandpaper and sand to smooth the surface of the chair. At the end of the work, the entire chair must appear smooth to the touch.

If you have a sander, this step will be much faster. If necessary, consider buying a simple and cheap sander, for example, the Black & Decker 55 Watt handheld sander is offered by Amazon at the promotional price of 23.79 euros including shipping costs.

Finally, with an electrostatic cloth, remove the dust from the chair and if necessary, wipe it with a wet cloth.

2) Painted
To paint well, it may be useful to use adhesive tape. Thanks to the use of adhesive tapes it is possible to perform two-color or three-color painting, a nice idea could consist in painting the "four legs" of the chair in one color and the remaining seat with backrest, in a contrasting color or one tone on tone.

Examples of contrasting colors:
Yellow - purple. White - Black. Black - Yellow. Red White….
Examples of tone-on-tone colors:
Black - Gray. Light blue. Red - Orange. Yellow - Orange ...

If the environment is modern, consider the possibility of doing another coat with vitrifying paint for a more shiny appearance. There is no shortage of opacifying paints on the market.

If you intend to cover the chair by adding padding to the seat, we refer you to the instructions contained in our articles:

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  • DIY chair upholstery
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