How to grow a sunflower in a pot or in the garden

How to grow a sunflower in a pot or in the garden

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How to grow sunflowers in pots or in the garden: detailed instructions for the cultivation of sunflower in pots, from planting to cures to make it vegetate for a long time. Sowing and maintenance care.

In the language of flowers thesunflowerit is a symbol of enlightenment, wisdom and vitality. If at the florists they are found all year round, in the fields and on the balcony of the house, isunflowersYes they can cultivate only when temperatures rise. It is thanks to good sun exposure and a mild climate that the sunflower is able to germinate and ripen the seeds contained in the center of its large flower head (what we commonly callsunflower flower). Let's see all the details onhow sunflowers are grown.

Sunflower: flower and plants

ThesunflowerHelianthus annuus, is an annual plant loved for its large flower head inflorescence. In its natural habitat, its height can reach more than 3 - 4 meters but in Italy, it hardly exceeds 2 meters in height.

Of thesunflower,what we commonly callflower, it is actually a flower head, an inflorescence composed of numerous flowers which, when fully ripe, become "seeds", also in this case the popular jargon differs from the botanical one, in fact those we call sunflower seedsthey are actually achenes of the plant, or fruits. Typically thesunflowerit has a single flower but if you are lucky, in your cultivation, you can get in addition to the main flower, other small flowers that develop on branches.

Thesunflowerit is not only beautiful to look at, the “sunflower seeds” are eaten as a salty snack, peeled and toasted. They can be used for salads or for the production of oil; for oil production, growers select varieties with a high oleic acid content. There sunflower cultivation, on an industrial level, it is widespread not only for the production of oil or snacks, but also to prepare feed for birds and rodents, to extract motor oil or to produce biodiesel.

The typical color of thesunflowermanages to create a warm and sweet atmosphere, however it is not easy grow sunflower indoorsbecause this plant needs a lot of sun to thrive. So that's finegrow sunflower indoorsbut as long as you place it on the balcony or in a sunny and airy environment like an open veranda.

How to grow sunflowers

In general, sunflower grows best in fertile, moist and well-watered soils. For growing sunflower in pots, when buying the soil it will be important to check the pH of the soil. THE sunflowersthey prefer a pH between 6 and 7.5.

For thecultivationin the open field it is sufficient to dig holes about 4-5 centimeters deep, spaced between 35 and 70 centimeters to favor the development of the roots. The distance between the plants depends on the variety, 70 cm distance is optimal for thegiant sunflower but for the sunflower plant classic, more contained (field sunflowers), a distance of 35-40 cm is enough between one plant and another.

When to sow sunflowers?

The best time for the sowing sunflowers it falls in late spring in southern Italy and in early summer in the north. If you are in the height of summer and you feel likegrow sunflowersin the flowerbeds of your garden, do not worry, theresowing it can also be done in summer, better by the first half! Those who live in the south can sow in the open field as early as April, making sure that the night temperatures do not drop below 15 ° C.

The temperatures, to allow the seeds to germinate, must be mild and above all the risk of late frosts must be passed. Many people who are going togrow sunflowersthey find themselves with non-sprouted seeds because they underestimate the "climate" and "light" factor. Theresowingit must take place in soft soil, with the pH indicated above and with good sun exposure.

Under favorable conditions, sunflower seeds will germinate within three weeks.

How to grow a potted sunflower

For thecultivation of sunflower in potsthese simple instructions are available:

  • Pot size. Choose a pot with a diameter of at least 20 cm.
  • Prepare a draining layer on the bottom of the pot, for this you can use expanded clay.
  • Cover the drainage layer with a layer of organic material.
  • Cover the layer of organic material with soil until it is a couple of centimeters from the edge.
  • There sowing sunflowers must be performed in the center of the vase.
  • Underground isunflower seeds to a depth of approximately 4 centimeters. 09
  • Wet the soil.
  • The first shoots should appear within two to three weeks.
  • Place the pot in a sunny position and sheltered from the wind.

THEsunflowersthey love the sun but tolerate the wind badly. Keep this plant need in mind when choosing a location for thesowing. If you mean grow a sunflower on the balcony or on the terrace, try to place it in the area most exposed to the sun without neglecting to prepare a screen to protect the stem.

Sunflower plant and seeds

If you intend to grow sunflowers in abundance, you can purchase sachets of seeds suitable for cultivation. A sachet of sunflower seeds to plant can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 6.40 with free shipping. For all information on the product you can visit the "Amazon official page"Dedicated to the seeds of helianthus annuus(sunflower).

Please note: if you like grow a sunflower single, you can buy plants already developed both on Amazon and at specialized nurseries.

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