Boiler repair, how to provide

Boiler repair, how to provide

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Do-it-yourself boiler repair: advice on how to repair the boiler independently or how to contact professionals in the sector and obtain the best price.

In many circumstances theboiler repairit can be performed independently. Very often the interventions are not difficult to perform even by those who have little experience in DIY. How much you try to fix the boiler by yourself, think carefully before unscrewing anything, try to understand how the machine works and especially the component you are working with.

Do-it-yourself boiler repair

Before doing anything, if the boiler no longer produces heat, try to restart the machine: switch the boiler off and on.

Usually, if the boiler no longer produces hot water or the production of hot water is discontinuous (hot water arrives at times!), The possible causes may concern:

  • the coil blocked by limestone
  • the water pressure too low
  • the valve not opening as it should
  • the pressure switch is now worn

When the boiler does not produce hot water, the first step to take is to check the water pressure and check the correct ignition of the burner and the regularity of the pilot flame.

Warning!Remember that it is a natural gas boiler, so before carrying out these checks, turn off the gas.

Access the pressure switch to make the necessary checks. The pressure switch is a membrane subject to wear, it costs about thirty euros and to check it you will have to remove the body of the boiler and examine the two tubes that you will find. Blow the powder off the pipes, rearrange them and try to activate the boiler again.

The nozzles from which the methane arrives must always be clean and not worn, as well as the filters, these must also be cleaned to avoid blocking operation.

If you still haven't solved the problem, it's yoursboilercontinue todo not produce heat, take a look at the ignition and regulation board; this component is the control unit of the wholeboiler.For each check you carry out, try again to turn the system back on in order to verify its restoration.

Other useful information to understand how to perform oneDIY boiler repair are contained in our guide article:How to repair a natural gas boiler.

Maintenance first

Simple boiler maintenance can save your wallet. In our article dedicated toDo-it-yourself boiler maintenancewe have seen how to perform basic checks and tricks:

  • Maintenance of the recirculation pumps
  • Control at the pump
  • Prevent and contrast the formation of limescale
  • Control of the rotating shaft
  • Control of temperature and efficiency
  • Check valves and any oxidative layers
  • How to bleed the radiators

Boiler repair, the best price
It is fabulous to carry out the work ofboiler repairindependently but let's face it: we are not always up to the challenge! When you have doubts about where to put your hands, you would do well to consult a specialized technician. To save on maintenance, find out about the reputation of the operator who will perform the intervention. If the cost is high, ask for a free inspection and get a detailed estimate. Starting from the first estimate obtained, you can contact other companies and operators trying to get the best price.

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