Black turkey of Italy, breeding and info

Black turkey of Italy, breeding and info

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All information on theblack turkey from Italy, from its dissemination up tobreeding. The characteristics and needs of theblack turkey of Italy.

The history of theblack turkey from Italy
A small group of Lombard breeders, after a series of selections, managed to give life to theblack turkey from Italystarting from the black specimens already present in our territory: it is assumed that theblack turkeywas introduced in Italy from France, through an ancient population ofblack turkeyssayingsNoir de Sologne.

When selecting the intersections of black turkey, Lombard breeders have tried to put a breed ofblack turkeysmall in size and therefore more agile and rustic.

Raising the black turkey of Italy
L'breedingof theblack turkeyit does not imply great works. Those lucky enough to live in the countryside cannot miss the opportunity toraise turkeysaccording to a natural method, between pastures and rustic shelters where iturkeysthey can be sheltered from bad weather. Theturkeyit is a faithful animal at least as faithful as the dog, with this we do not mean that it is possible to carryturkeyson a leash but just that they are easy tobreed outdoors, they don't run away and no fence is needed.

Theblack turkey from Italy, as well as theblack turkeyin general, it breeds easily, the Italian one is particularly free-range: it prefers large spaces for grazing and is brought to hatching.

Given the strong hatching attitude of the females ofblack turkey, this poultry breed is often used as a living incubator.

When the little chicks hatch, the parents take care of their growth by offering the most careful paternal care. The parents of the small chicks are very protective towards the offspring, moreover, since the female ofturkeyhas strong hatching attitudes, as stated, it is often used as a living incubator to raise other species such as chickens, ducks, geese ...

Remember that, in a breeding artificial, the chicks ofturkey (not just of black turkey) have a much better chance of contracting viral or parasitic diseases so they need more attention for the first 7 - 8 months, which does not occur withnatural turkey breeding.

Over the course of the year, females produce a fair number of eggs: about 80 - 120. The eggs have a minimum weight of 70 grams and are characterized by an ivory white color thickly dotted with brown spots.

Characteristics of theblack turkey from Italy
Theblack turkey from Italyit is characterized by the color of its plumage, brilliant black in both sexes even if at times light bronze edging can be observed in the feathers of the back and tail. In young turkeys the legs are black while in adults they vary from purple to dark red.

According to the size, theblack turkeymale reaches a maximum weight of 6 kg while the female never exceeds 3.5 kg. Theblack turkey from Italyit is probably the smallest and lightest breed of turkey ever.

NB .: The image above is only representative of a black turkey.

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