Online Time Bank: how it works and how to register

Online Time Bank: how it works and how to register

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There Online Time Bank it is an evolution of the concept of Time Bank, born in the twentieth century in Great Britain, where associations were created that promoted the free exchange of "time" between members.

Last December 2012 it was created TimeRepublika Online Time Bank, where members can exchange time in a structured way, highlighting one's skills and "time offers" and being able to manage time transactions online.

L'Subscription to TimeRepublik is free and takes place in a few seconds even via the Facebook login. Once registered, you can start by filling out your profile and proposing your own "time offer" relating to an activity that we like, in which we are competent and that we are willing to trade in the community.

Registration can also be done using your own accounts Twitter or Linkedin or alternatively you can register with a new email + password combination.

Upon registration, you will immediately receive free time that you can increase by filling in more fields on your profile or by inviting new users. To register now you can visit this page.

The exchanges of time they may relate to activities that are carried out via the web, such as "help to solve problems on the PC", "a translation of a text", "the creation of a logo", etc. or "in the real world", such as "help to fix a leaking tap", "babysitting or pet-sitting activities", "yoga, squash or other sports classes", "a course of photography ”,“ a hand to repair your bicycle ”and much more that you can find on the site.

Through an interactive map you can search for time offers around the world, throughout Italy or only in your city, by setting proximity parameters or viewing the most recent offers.

This is for example a view of some of the users of Milan who posted offers in the online time bank by TimeRepublik:

My experience on TimeRepublikit started with my introductory web marketing and SEO consultancy offer and allowed me to meet three young entrepreneurs who accidentally lived a few hundred meters from my house! But the most interesting thing was to discover that one of the three was a squash and chess player like me and so we then gladly organized other meetings.

For this reason, TimeRepublik is certainly also an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends in your area, in your city or ... on the other side of the world.

Also for my SEO consultancy offer, I then came into contact with the owner of a bed & breakfast in Rome to whom I gave some suggestions to optimize his website.

For my part, I instead "spent" part of the time gained to learn the secrets of preparing an organic lunch and to commission a work of debugging some pages of one of the websites I manage.

I will probably also start a collaboration with a Sicilian girl who will help me manage a Facebook page that certainly deserves more attention. After the contact on TimeRepublik we have organized a call on Skype but the "transaction" will be handled through TimeRepublik.

In this case, if things go as well as I hope, the collaboration could also continue outside of TimeRepublik, with regular monetary compensation.

TimeRepublik can therefore also become an opportunity to find collaborators or to find a job, even if the main purpose must remain to "exchange time".

However, it is important to clarify a concept (which some friends I had invited to join did not immediately understand): once I gain time by providing a service to a member, I will be able to "spend my time" with any other member of the site and not just with the person with whom I made the first agreement. Just like with traditional banks and the ATM circuit, for example. I open the account with a bank but then I can withdraw money from all the banks in the circuit.

Speaking about this initiative with other friends who had signed up, I noticed how strong the limit was to consider one's skills only in the context of one's own work without realizing that we all have many other skills and values ​​to offer with pleasure outside of our daily work which instead often takes place in an area that is certainly not our favorite!

I think that TimeRepublik can be an initiative that can also fit well into other initiatives, such as those of Social Street, the neighborhood community which are becoming a real social phenomenon.

If you want to find out more about Social Streets you can visit the official website You will discover that the phenomenon was born from the experience of the Facebook group "Residents in Via Fondazza - Bologna”Started in September 2013 and then spread to other Italian cities. ... and since a "Social Street" did not yet exist in my neighborhood of Piazza Udine in Milan about a year ago, I decided to found one, but this is another story about which I may write to you on another occasion! :-)

The widget dedicated to bloggers that they can ask for a "donation of time" to their readers who particularly liked one of their articles.

The widget is created in seconds and allows some customizations. Here is for example how it can be presented:

For example, if you liked this article, you can click on the “Give me Time” button, subscribe to TimeRepublik and give me an amount of time at your discretion.

I hope I have been comprehensive and look forward to reading your "time offers" on TimeRepublikor to be contacted if you are interested in one of my offers! :-)

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