Citroën Aircross, the SUV also kind to the environment

Citroën Aircross, the SUV also kind to the environment

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While the Citroën C4 Cactus collection of awards on all fronts, the latest in the field ofHall of Honorof the Milan Triennale, the brand new concept carAircrossconquers the public at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The external design of theCitroën Aircrosskeep it going the street undertaken byC4 Cactus:soft lines, silhouettes that develop horizontally, strong graphic elements and extremely harmonious lines.

For its light reasons, theCitroën Aircrosscan be presented as a suv kind, which forgets the aggressiveness and sharp lines that now characterize any suv / crossover on the road. The French manufacturer has decided to break all molds and make a difference on the market: finally, let's see someoriginalityon the road!


A SUV also kind to the environment thanks to hybrid drive. L'Aircross concept carit was presented with a remarkable chain of tractionplug-in hybrid, the system sees a combined power of 313 horsepower thanks to the 1.6 THP petrol engine with 218 horsepower and 275 Nm of torque, combined with the 95 hp electric engine. The electric module is located on the rear axle and thanks to the battery pack it can offer an autonomy in electric-only mode (ZEV, zero emissions) of 50 km.

As for consumption, the 313 hp are not felt at all: less than two liters of petrol are burned to travel 100 km. The declared data refer to a consumption of 1.7 l / 100 km and 39 grams of CO2 emitted for each km traveled.

The maximum torque of the electric motor, available immediately, is also felt during acceleration, bringing the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, really not bad if you think that we are talking about a car imposing. ThesizeofAircross concept carthey see a length of 4.58 m, width of 2.10 m, height of 1.73 m and a pitch of 2.80 m.


The cockpit of theAircross conceptit is modern and spacious, comfortable and original. The on-board infotainment system can count on 2 12 ″ HD displays, one of which can be rotated so that it can also be used more easily by the front passenger. On board there is plenty of room for technology and comfort: king size seats must be a real pleasure on long journeys!

If theC4 Cactushe amazed everyone for his ownAirbumb,L'Aircrossarrives with a similar graphic element (the Alloy Bump) and two new ones, we are talking about the aerodynamic Air Sign and Air Curtain. While the Alloy Bump expresses safety (it is characterized by a honeycomb structure made of highly absorbent aluminum alloy), the Air Sign and the Air Curtain underline the careful research of aerodynamics ofAircrosswhich is expressed in its silohuette with surfaces treated to optimize penetration and coverage.

The Air Sign, a chrome signature that emphasizes the rear glass by letting the air pass through a tunnel, the air inlets, the Air Curtains in the front, the front and rear wheel arch extractors, the very thin shape of the mirrors. If on the one hand the Air Signs emphasize the aerodynamics of the car, on the other hand they contribute to providing more comfort for those traveling behind.

L'Exitof theCitroën Aircrossshould not be so imminent, we are talking about 2019. In any case we do not know the series model how much it will be able to keepconcept carpresented at the Shanghai Motor Show.


ThereC4 Cactusit's a bold and attractive car, perfect for those who want to get away from the crowd… howeverlackingdue to the limited range of engines and the lack of four-wheel drive. While we await a range update, with the introduction of hybrid drive forC4 Cactus, we hope that theAircrosssoon to be released can fully preserve the strong character and determination of theconcept carshown these days at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Who hoped for a more imminent release ... he will have to look elsewhere. Certainly it will not find equally original lines but it can point to low consumption SUVs by turning its gaze on the alternative drive of the Outlander PHEV or on the more traditional diesel of Suzuki Vitara which from our road tests results to reflect the low consumption declared by the Japanese house.

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