How the pH of the soil is measured

How the pH of the soil is measured

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How the pH of the soil is measured? Here is a guide that will explain how to measure the pH of the soil in order to ensure maximum fertility for plants.

ThepHis the unit of measurement of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution, in fact formeasure the pH of the soila sample of groundto be combined with two parts of distilled water.

The differences of pHcan be decisive in ensuring a good growth of plants, the pH in fact, it determines the possibility that the nutrients the plants need are present and available in the "circulating solution" of the soil.

What is the solution being circulated?
It is the water that circulates in the ground (rain or irrigation) that "mixes" with the nutrients present in the soil or added through fertilization. Some of the nutrients are retained by the clays present in the soil while the other part dissolving in the water (circulating solution) are available for absorption by the root system of the plants.

Soil classification based on pH

  • Strongly acidic soil has a pH of 4
  • An acidic soil has a pH of 5
  • A moderately acidic soil has a pH of 6
  • A neutral soil has a pH of 7
  • A calcareous or basic soil has a pH of 8
  • A strongly calcareous or strongly basic soil has a pH equal to 9

How to measure soil pH with litmus paper
Litmus paper is the cheapest method of measuring soil pH. Litmus papers are fairly accurate even if the cheapest ones are approximate, they have a chromatic scale that excludes decimals.

A litmus test is shown in the photo above. Keep in mind that the result will only give you whole numbers without decimals with the classic scale from 1 to 14; where to buy litmus papers? On Amazon, at a price of about 6 euros (including shipping costs), you can buy a pack of 80 litmus paper strips perfect for measuring soil pH. We used these strips and we were really happy: plants do not need such a precise pH value, so already knowing the approximate pH value of the soil is essential.

We have never purchased this product but since it is cheaper we recommend it: Strips to measure pH Litmus test, the price is always 6 euros but this time the litmus papers are 400!

With some exceptions, most commonly grown plants prefer soils with pH values ​​ranging between 6 and 7.

To find out how to use litmus paper to measure the pH of the soil, please refer to the articleHow to measure the pH of the soil.

Anyone wishing to obtain less approximate values ​​will necessarily have to purchase a pH meter. Among the various products we point out the Adwa Ad12 Ph / C model, with an excellent value for money.

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