EBike Neox Crosser: test drive on Lake Garda

EBike Neox Crosser: test drive on Lake Garda

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There eBike Neox Crosser is the revolutionary jewel of Italian technology that I have had the pleasure of testing in recent days on a mixed route of about thirty kilometers along the shores and in the woods of Lake Garda.

Let's start from the first impression, the aesthetic one: an elegant design combined with the feeling of a “tough” ebike, with a very compact structure and with soft and decisive lines at the same time. The colors available and that I could see are: yellow, black and white.

Mounted on the saddle Neox Crosser (a Respiro Soft available in the Sport, Moderate and Athletic versions) I had confirmation of the visual impression, especially as regards the sensation of compactness and solidity, determined above all by the frame which includes and covers, within a single single arm, the electric motor, the exchange and other components usually exposed, ensuring an extremely stable low center of gravity.

This innovative feature also allows you to achieve 2 objectives: to protect important components of the Shock-resistant eBike ed to avoid that dirt, grass, earth and other materials usually collected in excursions get stuck between the components.

In this way, cleaning and maintenance of the bike are considerably speeded up and simplified.

After a few rides I had already become quite familiar with the display (3.5 'LCD with backlight) and with the two selectors placed on the handlebar: the left one to adjust the level of assistance of the electric motor between ECO, Standard and High modes and the one on the right to manage the 8 gear ratios.

THE microswitch (selectors) ensure an excellent response even if perhaps I would have preferred them "less micro" and slightly larger. Excellent display with clear and clearly visible information even under the sun and multifunction controls for immediate understanding.

eBike Neox Crosser: the display

The “truly revolutionary” strength of the Neox Crosser is however the gearbox: a proprietary and patented creation, Neox model F8.11 electric with rotary insertion and electric commands given by the two microswitches located on the handlebar.

There changed is snapshot and it can be operated even when stationary, contrary to normal bikes. In this way it is pleasant to start in the ideal gear, for example when you have to stop for a red light after a nice “straight straight”, changing comfortably during the stop.

Another benefit of the Neox gearbox is that avoid transverse movements on the front derailleur, typical of traditional gearboxes, avoiding wear mechanical parts and ensuring a great fluidity in gear changes.

The shifting takes place in a constant and continuous way, without any effect of "tearing" or "pushing". The system is monitored by an effort sensor which constantly detects the torque between the primary and secondary gears.

ebike Neox Crosser: detail of the gearbox integrated into the frame

As for the battery, integrated into the frame (excellent solution from an aesthetic point of view!) but removable in a few seconds, the Neox Crosser is equipped with a 36 Volt 10.5 Ah (375 W / H) lithium-ion model with Samsung cells that ensures aautonomy of 100 Km traveling in Eco mode which can go down to 40 km for "extreme" use with High mode.

There ebike Neox Crosser weighs 22 Kg, of course "it is not a featherweight", but the weight in the ebike is a rather negligible factor because it is not a bike "to carry up and down the stairs".

An important feature that facilitates transport is the possibility of disassemble in seconds not only the wheel front but also that rear. ... and without getting your hands dirty because the entire transmission is hidden inside the structure and not in the rear hub.

There Neox Crosser also includes a innovative anti-theft device: typing a Pin code on the display blocks the mechanical system by disconnecting the transmission and putting the e-bike "in neutral" so as to make the bike unusable by the classic thief who tries to steal your bike while you stop for a coffee or quench your thirst with a drink in a bar, as I did during the test drive.

In addition on the Neox there is a mechanical anti-theft key that completely locks the rear hub.

Tested uphill, on gravel or dirt ground, the Neox Crosser showed no hesitation e it allowed me to easily overcome quite demanding climbs so as to get to the top "out of breath".

On the road… you fly! :-) Even in Eco mode high speeds are easily reached: the maximum assisted speed, according to the law, is 25 Km / h but when I tried “a small extension” I reached 41 Km / h in a few seconds without effort, as also documented by my Garmin GPS wrist watch.

Neox Crosser: the shot detected by my Garmin wrist GPS

Here are some additional technical data, which highlight the choice of high quality components in every area:

  • NEOX frame in hydroformed aluminum
  • Drako Red Hydraulic Brakes
  • NEOX rims in aluminum 26 ”Black
  • NEOX 101 BT handlebar in aluminum Black Mat
  • Suntour SF 13 Epicon magnesium front fork
  • KENDA K831A Claw Tires (26 × 2.10)
  • NEOX FL80S 36 V 500 Watts motor limited to 250 Watts
  • Hand Grips Gel Athletic

For what concern list price, the Neox Crosser is for sale in 5,800 euros but for a short time and IdeeGreen readers who write to us (at: [email protected]) will be able to take advantage of a very interesting discount.

In this video you will see other details of the Crosser and its behavior on and off-road:

The Neox brand, is owned by Siral, Italian company specialized in production and eco-technological research and was born 5 years ago with the aim of creating an electric bike from scratch starting from some proprietary technological innovations that make it unique in the world and which have been protected with 4 international patents filed, relatively to:


engagement system

torque sensor

neutral position.

Neox also offers two other eBike models, which I have been able to see but not test due to lack of time: the Sporter and the Urban, of which you can see two images below and that you can discover with all the technical details on the official Neox website.

ebike Neox Sporter

ebike Neox Urban

Video: Italien. Gardasee - Italy. Lake Garda HD 1080P (August 2022).